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ADrive 4B110 400V 11kw - 26A VVVF Motor Driver

ADrive 4B110 400V 11kw - 26A VVVF Motor Driver
ADrive 4B110 400V 11kw - 26A VVVF Motor Driver
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Power Circuit
60-120V voltage battery pack can be fed by a 220VAC output UPS of suitable power


Control Circuit
Staying alive with external 24Vdc supply
Over Speed Warning
At speeds greater than 0.63 m/s


Serial Communication
Serial communication via RS-485 port with ARL-500 control card
Error Log
Retrospective fault tracking by keeping the last 256 faults in memory


Menu Languages
Turkish, English, French, Hungarian language options

Compliance with Standards
EMC test certified

Advantages of ADrive Speed Control System

Advanced Features
  • Anti-rollback function without load cell.
  • Preventing motor oscillation with excessive start-up hold gain detection.
  • Prevent tedious short floor trips at slow speed with the automatic short floor speed correction function.
Speed Correction

Rescue by driving motor with external power supply in case of power failure
- Power circuit: It can be fed by a battery pack with 60-120V voltage or a UPS with 220VAC output of suitable power
- Control circuit: Staying alive with external 24Vdc supply
Easy direction recovery feature

Data Tracking

Static auto-adjustment for synchronous motors (brakes off and engine loaded)
Mechanical brake feedback control.
Motor and brake resistor ptc control.
Custom manual recovery screen (EN 81-1/A2 6.6.2 c)
- direction of movement
- Speed info
- Over speed warning(>0.63m/s)

Preventing Sudden Loads

Incremental encoder support (on device)
- Different types of encoder such as 5V-24V, TTL, HTL, pnp output, npn output, totem pole output
- Incremental encoder simulation outputs.
Absolute encoder support (with the addition of ENCABIT-Plus card)
- EnDat, SSI and SinCos encoder
- Absolute encoder simulation outputs

User interface
  • LCD screen, 5-key keyboard and special menus and screens for elevator applications.
    Navigation simulation, data monitoring and parameter transfer with ADrive-Win simulator/monitor software.
    Ability to update the device software with the ARKEL Software Updater program.
    Saving and transferring parameters with the DataKey parameter key.
    Remote device control and screen monitoring with ADrive Remote Keypad.
    Serial communication with ARL-500 control card via RS-485 port.
    Possibility of retrospective fault tracking by keeping the last 256 faults in memory.
    Total run (min), total distance (m) and total travel (stop/start) counters.
    Turkish, English and French language options.

      • Domestic design, domestic production and full technical service support.
      • Compatibility with Asynchronous (closed or open loop) and Synchronous (gearless) motors.
      • High travel comfort and precise stance on floors regardless of the load.
      • Strong starting and driving torque thanks to vector control.
      • Up to 40% savings in elevator electricity consumption.
      • Preventing sudden loads to the network, especially in elevators with generators, by keeping the motor current under control.
      • Special design for elevators and parameters specific to elevator applications (with appropriate units such as meters, m/s).
      • Minimized motor driving noise with 10 Khz IPM switching frequency.
      • Environmentally friendly energy consumption thanks to the built-in DC REACTOR.
      • Efficient and silent cooling with 4 low-noise fans.
      • Completely electrically isolated control inputs and outputs.
      • Overload, overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit, low motor current, unbalanced motor current, momentary power failure, phase leakage, heatsink overheating, earth fault, over torque, contact fault control and other basic protection functions.
      • EMC test certified.
      • 5.5, 7.5, 11, 15 and 22 kW power options.
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