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02 Aug Why E-commerce?
mert 0 4967
What is E-Commerce?With the advancement of technology, many fields adapt themselves to transformation and change. This change, which is sometimes compulsory and sometimes voluntarily by the companies, enables many companies to renew their vision and ..
02 Aug Development of the Elevator Industry
mert 0 4726
We shape most of our daily lives around technological devices. We wake up with alarms, make appointments through reminders, and communicate by phone and e-mail. In terms of human health, in a building where he lives, the maximum floor that he can cli..
26 Jul Why Should I Be Here?
mert 0 4234
Online marketplaces allow you to sell goods without setting up their own e-commerce system. Selling through online marketplaces does not require you to deal with start-up costs and provides a flexible business opportunity. The potential benefits to b..
15 Sep E-Commerce in an Online Marketplace
mert 0 9205
Is it your own e-commerce site? Or Marketplace?How do you choose between the two as a seller? Or do you have to choose? Whatever the future of sales, we've listed what you need to know about building your online sales channel and how each option is s..
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