We shape most of our daily lives around technological devices. We wake up with alarms, make appointments through reminders, and communicate by phone and e-mail. In terms of human health, in a building where he lives, the maximum floor that he can climb with stairs is determined as 11 floors. With the invention of the elevator, higher buildings could be designed. Today, almost every building constructed has an elevator. Now we come across elevators even in 2-storey villas. Urban transformation takes its share from this technology. The unavoidable increase in urbanization caused us to stay in narrow spaces in terms of space, as well as enabling the construction industry to develop by adapting to technology. Narrow in terms of the area it covers, but unimaginable in terms of floors, it has now become someone's workplace, home, living space. As such, the elevator industry has turned into a sector that pulls all the load as the backbone of the industry and people. It is an undeniable fact that this sector, which is open to innovation and programming with artificial intelligence and is developing more and more each day, has a considerable market volume both in the world and in Turkey.

Elevator Inspections and Maintenance

Elevators operate at a capacity that can carry hundreds or even tons of loads. At the same time, it is one of the rare machinery equipment that carries people and loads without a driver. That's why safety equipment is designed at a high level. Currently, in our country, elevators are inspected by annual controls with public regulations. For many reasons, regular monthly maintenance of elevators should be done by authorized companies. In the routine maintenance of the elevators, the conformity of the safety equipment of the elevators, the control and cleaning of the engine room-cabin-pit, control panel and machine-motor controls are carried out. Regular maintenance ensures the safety of elevators and provides great benefits in prolonging the life of the equipment used, ensuring that possible accidents and losses do not occur. Sometimes, part replacement may be required in the periodic controls and maintenance applied to the elevators. In such cases, it is necessary to supply elevator spare parts. The growing growth in the sector makes it difficult to research and supply parts. At this point, www.exvator.com facilitates the work of the industry; It provides great convenience to companies that want to deliver their products quickly and to provide fast supply.

Elevator Spare Parts

The sector, in which many manufacturers are located, is now globalizing and gaining a place all over the world. Economic conditions and large markets force suppliers to reach their customers. For the buyers, on the other hand, it forces them to make efforts in the supply of even the smallest parts and they have to spend a lot of time. As Exvator, we strive to support the trade processes of many elevator companies, from small to large, with an ever-growing market volume. We offer you all kinds of products that may be required in elevator installation and maintenance, and we aim to deliver them to all parts of the world. In our system, the products belonging to the companies that have adhered to qualified R & D work, ensure that they are prepared meticulously and reach the customers quickly. Thanks to the high-quality software system we have developed, we comply with the rules of the sector, and we help you to supply the product you want with our professional live support infrastructure. We are working day and night to deliver all elevator main parts and spare parts you can think of in the fastest way possible. If you wish, you can register to our system via www.exvator.com, or you can make your products available to wider audiences by registering.


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