What is E-Commerce?

With the advancement of technology, many fields adapt themselves to transformation and change. This change, which is sometimes compulsory and sometimes voluntarily by the companies, enables many companies to renew their vision and to increase the market volume of the sector. Companies investing in the commercial field witnessed the emergence of a brand new branch with the expansion of software and communication networks. Electronic commerce or e-commerce for short. It is now a virtual trade network formation that we all have heard of, even by name, and some of us realize when they are involved. Especially after the 2000s, with the opening of the way for global commercialization, companies started to prefer the internet option to convey people's demands. This situation enabled the development of e-commerce points that increase productivity and creativity and the formation of different sectors. While we were trying to reach many products on site in the past, today we have been able to reach our wishes with a few small transactions from wherever we are.

Advantages of E-Commerce

The most popular part of e-commerce is the ability to establish direct relationships with companies. Thanks to search engines, the requested product or information can be reached after a few seconds. Directly sharing product details and prices of companies that care about customer relations saves time spent during the day and provides great advantages against competitors. Consumer companies generally prefer the options where they can obtain the products they need in the fastest and most cost-effective manner at this stage.


Another advantage of e-commerce is that it reduces the branding process to a very short time. The fact that they can offer their products not only in one city, but also in the whole country and even the whole world is understood from the fact that the 200 companies in the Forbes 500 list are made up of e-commerce businesses. The elevator industry, which is one of the constantly developing technologies of the world, has to keep up with this change. At this point, to the elevator manufacturers who, as the Exvator family, are considering increasing the global trade volume by noticing the growing volume of the market; We established www.exvator.com in order for companies engaged in assembly-maintenance-repair work to achieve the fastest and most economical results in the procurement and purchase of spare parts. We want to rise together by giving the necessary support to companies that can compete in the market and companies that want to go global. We aim to reach everyone, from places with qualified R&D work to small businesses that want to offer their products to wider audiences. We invite all the actors of the sector to gather the product variety under one roof and to take part in a useful, useful and neutral market.


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