Is it your own e-commerce site? Or Marketplace?

How do you choose between the two as a seller? Or do you have to choose? Whatever the future of sales, we've listed what you need to know about building your online sales channel and how each option is strategically prepared to help you grow.

After the crisis in the elevator industry, some of the wholesale sales of spare parts and main products have turned into retail sales. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, online sales made up 10% of what we call "retail". This acceptance of online purchases is widespread, but how retailers have approached purchasing online has produced mixed results. Specifically, there is a group that favors e-commerce solutions, while others embrace online marketplaces. Let's take a quick look at the differences.

E-Commerce system, with its most easily explained definition, is the activity of selling and purchasing goods or services online through electronic data. You can perform these operations from your own system or from online marketplaces. It's an alternative and easy way to get involved in this traditional "e-commerce" environment without your own website as a marketplace. You still sell your own goods and services, but you become part of a larger business-owned shopping ecosystem.

If you've communicated with other business owners, you've probably heard the pros and cons of both options. How can you decide which is best for your unique situation? While all types of e-commerce sales platforms offer advantages, there are very distinct differences between e-commerce and marketplaces. These differences show that marketplaces have more advantages than e-commerce.

Benefits of Online Marketplace

You have decided to establish an E-Commerce system on behalf of your company and you have decided to open your system with one of the ready-made system providers. In this case, you should not forget that the opportunities offered by ready-made E-Commerce systems are insufficient today. Even if ready-made system providers provide all kinds of facilities, its operation is a workload in itself. However, with the marketplaces created in the online sales world, ease of installation and brand recognition can be effectively utilized. Here is some information about the benefits these marketplace solutions can bring to your business:

1. It's Easy to Get Started Right Away

Do you have an individual to sell but don't want to set up your own website? You are lucky. Online marketplaces are designed to be easy to use. You can create a showcase in minutes and then take full advantage of payment, business, advertising, distribution and shipping channels for these tools in a fraction of the time it takes to source and sign up.

2.No technology experience or marketing resources required.

Unlike hosting your own website, you won't need a lot of technical skills to start selling on marketplaces. If you are familiar with social media platforms, you have what it takes to list products and services and set up your accounts receivable information. Everything from marketing to customer service solutions can be performed on the same platform via a single dashboard.

3.No site or server maintenance required

Marketplaces are hosted by major cloud providers. With increased security, they are best protected against attacks or disruptions, and you can be sure that your store will be online when your customers need to shop. Also, you won't have to worry about updating your plugins or maintaining the server. All of this will happen behind the scenes as a big plus of a market.

4. You gain access to a large customer base

Millions of people shop on major marketplace platforms. In fact, these are the first places people think of when it's time to shop. If you have a store in a Marketplace, people are more likely to find you than if you buy an obscure area that consumers do not know about. The established customer base available for major online retailers will not be affected anyway, taking you one step further in promoting your credibility.

5. You will have existing brand familiarity

Brand awareness is a great advantage for businesses. As in the example above, people are already familiar with the big manufacturers and what they stand for. If your company aligns with these values ​​and you want to market your product within the same customer base, you can do it much more easily without spending large sums of money to get people to hear you and continue to represent yourself at all levels of the industry.

Which solution is right for you?

  • Do you value personalization and branding over ease of use and turnkey solutions?how old are you?
  • Are your long-term goals to develop your brand and products or to create a standalone website under your own business URL?
  • Within which plans do you want to deal with advertising and increasing your place in the world market?
  • Can you see 10 years ahead in your marketing plan?
  • Do you manufacture or sell highly regulated (or potentially highly regulated in the future) products? Will these products find a place in the world market in the future?

As Exvator, we are here to answer your questions and many more. We are proud to be a market place that includes the solutions described above, to fulfill the best conditions for you, and most importantly, to ensure that the elevator industry reaches the position it deserves in the world with its employees.