Online marketplaces allow you to sell goods without setting up their own e-commerce system. Selling through online marketplaces does not require you to deal with start-up costs and provides a flexible business opportunity. The potential benefits to be gained by joining this online marketplace will differ between industries and businesses, and indeed between buyers and sellers.

Advantages of online marketplace for your business;

  • Provides an additional channel to market and sell your products
  • Platform offers lower marketing costs compared to other sales channels
  • They are popular with customers, offering a convenient way to compare prices and products from a single source.
  • Being part of an established online marketplace builds trust between you and the buyer
  • Their unbiased reviews of your products and services give new customers purchasing confidence.
  • You have opportunities to form new trading partnerships with merchants and suppliers within or across supply chains.
  • With more transparency, having access to availability, prices and stock levels in an open environment is no longer a problem.
  • It is possible to work 24 hours. Problems with time constraints and changing trading hours are eliminated.

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