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Seller Business Partnershıp And Advertısıng Agreement



This Seller Business Partnership and Advertising Agreement ("Convention"), Fulya Mah on one side. Büyükdere Cad. Torun Center D Blue No: 74 D Interior Door NO: 10 EXVATOR Elevator and Information Services in Sisli / İstanbul ("EXVATOR") with anonymous glamor ("EXVATOR") vendor ("seller") on the signature page on the other side ("seller") is crushed within the following terms and provisions and has come into effect. The EXVATOR and the seller will be individually referred to as "side" and "parties".

All written processes on the use of the Agreement and the    Services offered on the Platform, explanations, explanations, additional all other documents will be an integral part of the Convention. Namely; The seller is managed by the EXVATOR to be a member of the Electronic Trade Platform of the Electronic Trade Platform and selling on this platform, EXVATOR wants to benefit from the Electronic Trade Platform services from the Electronic Trade Platform Services in exchange for the seller in exchange for the seller to pay himself.

The seller has authorized the EXVATOR with the buyers to the sales for sales with its commercial representative, and that the buyers will be liberated by the buyers to the EXVATOR and that the buyers would not be obliged to pay for the payment obligation, further, declared that the buyers will not be obliged to pay. , accepting and committed.

In the framework of these issues and commercial relationship, the Parties are agreed in the terms of this Convention.


Platform Services / Services: Property and Industrial Property Law No. 5846 and the Law No. 5846 belongs to the Law of Ideas and Artworks and Artworks, and the "Services" which is designated with this Agreement is presented in and all of this Agreement. It refers to the private virtual page, where the mobile app and the seller in which the mobile application and the seller can take advantage of the mobile application and the seller to benefit from the applications and services available on other field names. .


Services / Services: Presented by EXVATOR on the platform for sellers by publishing their products / services in their virtual stores; Listing publishing, mediation / marketing and similar to sale means all applications.


Buyer: The actual or legal person who purchased the goods and / or services that have been supplied to the sellers issued by the seller on the platform refers to Member.


The seller: The legal / real person who provides various goods and / or services through the following ads published on the platform, refers to the legal / real person members.


Business Day: Express other days of the week except Sunday and public holidays.



The issue of this Convention is the determination of terms and conditions on the services and conditions of the Seller's benefit of the Seller on the Platform and the identification of the rights and obligations in this direction. The relationship between the seller and the buyers is not covered by this Agreement; EXVATOR is only in the business of business activity, it is not only the party to the sellers / service sales on the Platform and are not a party to the contract between the sellers and the buyers. The seller will be responsible for the provisions of the current legislation against buyers against the buyers.




4.1. In order to achieve the adjective of the vendor "seller", the documents in the "Current / MP Integration Required Document List" ("EK1") will ensure that the business contracts are fully and complete in terms of this Agreement. Although this documents are presented to the Seller, there are always the right to refuse and / or request additional documents without making the DSM's applicant's application.

4.2. The seller is separately and the sales price for each of the goods in the Turkish user manual, guarantee certificate and technical service list with all kinds of accessories, documents, brochures, bandrol and other paperwork to be delivered on the purchase certificate. With the provincial information and documents required by legislation are in the obligation to deliver in the packaging of the goods. Due to the not side of the EXVATOR's Distance Sales Agreement, it should not be obliged to check that these information and documents are within the cargo box. Due to the lack of information and documents, the seller is accepted and committed to compensate these damages if the EXVATOR is due to the lack of information and documents.

4.3. The seller accepts all the products and / or services on sale on the platform (brand, genus, color, body and the number of themselves), complete and all kinds of open, veiled to deliver to the buyer as an open, covered hidden shamby ari. , declared and commits.

4.4. The seller agrees to ensure that all kinds of advertisements and advertising will be published on the platform of the technical infrastructure that will ensure that the necessary technical infrastructure is to be in full cooperation with the EXVATOR and to provide any documentation required for it. The EXVATOR has the right and authority to close any product on the platform of the Seller, which is exclusively at its discretion.

4.5. If the visuals are granted by the seller to DSM by the seller, the Process in Article 22 of Article 22 in Article 22 of Article 22 in Article 22 of Article 21, in the Article 21 of Article 22 of Article 22, in case of 5846 Ideas and Art Works Law ("FEKE). The representation of the sign, audio and / or image of the sign, audio and / or image transmitting means that the sign, audio and / or image transmitting means, and agree to the EXVATOR without any medical and country limit to the EXVATOR as a simple licensing, declaring and undertakes.

4.6. The seller is responsible for any visual, written and other resorts, security, accuracy and legal in accordance with the reality, security, accuracy and laws provided for the postings he published on the platform; These information and documents are the integrators, which are correctly and up to date with the companies, otherwise, the EXVATOR is that the EXVATOR is not responsible for these issues, declaring and commitment.

4.7. The seller will not create contrary to any law in accordance with the current legislation in accordance with the relevant legislation in accordance with the relevant legislation in the platform and advertisements in the platform and advertisements in accordance with the current legislation, that the goods and services relevant to the current legislation is related to the publication of the goods and services related to the internet and selling on the internet. Accepting, declaration and commitment to himself, authority and responsibility itself. In addition, the seller is obliged to continuously follow the contents of the Annex-2 Prohibited Products List ("Annex-2") and the display and sales of the products in this list.

4.8. The supplier will create a username and password when the supplier portal is a member; It will use this information to access the profile page and to perform some other operations. The security and privacy of the seller's password and username are completely the seller's responsibility. The seller has waived the advance of the right to forward the invalidity of the transactions performed through its own profile. Even in such transactions, all kinds of responsibility will belong to the seller. Using the Seller's password in the Supplier Portal, the EXVATOR is carried out against the EXVATOR or damage; The seller is the taxpower to cover the damages arising from these verbs of the EXVATOR.

4.9. DSM will store personal and commercial information provided throughout the membership and by the membership in a safe environment. EXVATOR, the execution of the applications required to operate the applications that are required to operate, such as the full and by requirement of the Services, the activities of the EXVATOR and their business partners in order to make statistical evaluations, can use the advertisement & marketing, advertisement and other purposes only for the above-mentioned reasons. can be explained. The seller accepts and declares consent to the use and storage of its own information by the EXVATOR.

4.10. The seller is obliged to carry out all the activities he carried out on the Platform to the Platform so that they do not damage technically in any way. The seller will provide all the information, content, material and other content to the platform, which will damage the system, virus, software, gradient product, Trojan horse, etc. It has received any measures necessary to include any measures necessary (including using the necessary protective software and licensed products to use), agreed to take the measures requested by the EXVATOR to implement the provision of the substance.

4.11. The EXVATOR PLATFORM has the right to make any changes in the platform to work as full and requirement. For this purpose, the EXVATOR has the right to change the services and contents of the presentation and contents without any notice.

4.12. The product price will be charged on the receiver by the EXVATOR at the time of purchase and the seller is the right to benefit from the Services depending on the requirements of the issues that have fulfilled their issues and commitments that have sold the issues specified in this Agreement and the sales process will be carried out from the platform. will win.

4.13. The seller depends on all postings published on the Platform and will be responsible for all commitments caused by them. The fact that the seller's activities are not complying the Vendor's activities in this Contract Terms and the statements declared on the platform, and the fact that it is in contradiction in violation of the legislation, legal, technical and especially in the sense of knowledge of the legal, technique, and especially in the sense of knowledge of the third parties, the person of the third parties are in the case of a state-generating nature, The seller can stop the publication of the relevant declares of any prelimetable proclamations, and may suspend membership in a membership or terminate membership, and may terminate this Agreement without compensationally, the seller's product / service sales may terminate. The seller is to agree to, declare and commit to not to claim any fee and other compensation from the EXVATOR in such a case. In contrast to the provision of this Article, the Unilateral termination is justified when the EXVATOR wants the Contract without any warning.

4.14. The seller is the Seller Seller in sales contracts to be made in sales from the buyers to be made in the sales contracts, is not partnered in the relationship between the EXVATOR's affiliated sales agreement, and in accordance with the consumer law legislation against buyers, and every sense is responsible for every sense in accordance with the other legislation. . In addition, in addition to the platform, the quality of all the products they exhibit and sells, the compliance of the legislation, warranty certificate and other needed from the delivery of other necessary document and after-sales service etc. Their services will be responsible for personally. The seller will be directly responsible for the damages that may occur in the event of contrary to this substance. The seller will ensure that all types of responsibility will ensure that the products from the platform are sold during the sales operation and all kinds of responsibility for the delay. The seller has to make the receiving requests and demands as soon as possible.

4.15. The seller will communicate from the platform from the platform, and you will not respond with the platform outside of the platform, and the buyer will not respond positively to buy the buyer outside the platform, will not establish any legal relationship except the platform with buyers. will not perform any sales. The seller will not contact the recipients regardless of what is EXVATOR. The following is the exception of this Article to contact Buyers' shopping channels directly from the sellers.

4.16. By any reason by EXVATOR, the seller cannot be a member of the platform with another user account, if it is blacklisted to be suspended or extracted from membership by removing membership. The seller will be membered and the status of the situation as contrary to the provision of this Article and the seller will be re-removed from the membership.

4.17. Seller 213 tax procedure law m. 230 and 3065 added value-added tax law. 8. It must organize the invoice or retail sales plug in the product and service that is sold or provided in accordance with. Sales person; Billing the goods and / or services he sent to the Buyer by invoicing the losses and expenses that EXVATOR is due to the fact that the Law on the Law on the protection of consumer (s), which is not fulfilled by the SAW 6502. Court costs, fines, taxes, pictures, mortar, but not limited to, but accept, declare and undertake to pay the refreshments.

4.18. The details of the campaigns applied by the Services and EXVATORs to be offered from the Platform and the secondary changes such as exhibition times and specifications of the products will be changed by the EXVATOR. It cannot change the EXVATOR price and stock information without an agreement on the Parties to the Parties.

4.19. The seller is to accept, declare and commit to the activities that will not be found in the campaigns and discounts on the platform. The seller also will not be able to make any advertisement and / or marketing work to buyers without the written permission of the EXVATOR (other than the sending of the product's sellers with the boxes of the products), any promotional material, sample product with the products and / or service to buyers. will not be available. The seller accepts, declare and commit to pay the criminal condition in the amount of 10,000 TL (ten thousand Turkish liras).

4.20. Seller to the Bank Cards and Credit Cards Law on the Law No. 5651 About the regulation of publications in the Internet media and the crimes committed through these publications, payments and securities agreement systems, payment services and electronic monetary agencies on the law of memorandums, payment services and electronic money organizations, the protection of consumers, 6502 About the regulation of electronic commodity on the law, the law of the electronic trade numbered 6563, the law of the protection of personal data numbered 6698 and the secondary arrangements will act in accordance with all applicable legislation in the electronic commercial environment, which is prohibited in the electronic commercial environment, which is prohibited in the electronic commercial environment, or to adhere to the administrative decisions that are prohibited in the electronic commercial environment or to the administrative decisions. regretable, declared and committed to informalism. If the merchant's food will present via the platform, veterinary services, plant health, food and feed law, especially in food legislation, especially food legislation, food and feed law, especially in Turkish food codex food labeling and consumers in accordance with the informational regulation. Complete and complete liability of products on the platform during the delivery of products and the obligation to inform products.

4.21. The Seller is based on Industrial Property Law ("SMK"), which is located on the platform, which will offer to sale from the platform ("SMK"); or ii) This products are authorized to sell the Buyer; or iii) the right owner or his consent is original with third parties to be released; or iv) is in accordance with the legislation in accordance with the relevant legislation, it is in relation to the market in accordance with parallel imports and in accordance with the SMK 152th (in accordance with the new laws and regulations to be organized in this area in this area) and the rights of brand / design in accordance with the other, are depleted products, If the products also have an artifact in accordance with the Law No. 5846 and Artworks Law No. 5846, the work owner is himself and / or to sell their products in the platform with the consent of the owner of the owner of Es, and the products are not rapped on the platform, and the products are on their products. If there is no examination obligation, any 3rd documents in the EXVATOR arrive in any of the products of the products related to the products and the invo to the invo to the bill of people who have presented the invoices of the invoices (starting the products with its consent to the market with its consent. The fact that the EXVATOR has the right to stop all sales in the platform of the Seller's platform, declaring and commit.

4.22. By the EXVATOR by the Seller's Non-Original Products at the Platform, the seller accepts, declared and commit to pay the criminal condition of TL 10,000 (ten thousand lira) to the EXVATOR. In addition to the criminal continga, the seller is obliged to compensate all the damages that the EXVATOR will be in this context and the EXVATOR is the right to terminate the business of this Convention immediately.

4.23. Any additional price for this Agreement, without any Member of Marketing and Sales Activities in all kinds of marketing and sales activities within the scope of all kinds of marketing and sales activities within the scope of all brands and / or entitled brands in sale and / or entitled to sale on the platform. Whether it is invinc to use by the EXVATOR, the use of EXVATOR's use of these brands of these brands, which are the brand owner of the brand owner of the brand owner, and their use on the use of these brands, declaring, declaring and undertaking.

4.24. The products offered from the platform are covered by the seller's guarantee. The seller agrees, declare and commit to all kinds of buyer claims, including the protection of consumers numbered 6502, including the protection of consumer 6502, including the remedy of the product to replace the product with the defective product. It should be noted in the suspicion of not to leave the neighborhood that the seller shall not accept the product refund if the buyer is to return the product in the grounds that it is not to return the product within 48 (forty-eight) hours. The seller's business 48 (forty eight) will be accepted within the time of returning any response within hours of time will be accepted. The seller will transmit the decision to examine and receive products within the platform and / or in writing to be notified by the EXVATOR to the EXVATOR. It will mean that the seller does not have any notice within this period of time. If the seller takes the products in the study, the analysis process (repairs / repair) will result in the time to be notified by the EXVATOR in the way of this item. The EXVATOR reserves the right to change all the time at the time of the specified periods of this item.

4.25. As opposed to the vendor in contrast to the legislation, the products purchased from the platform for 15 (fifteen) days in which the buyers can return it from the platform of 15 (fifteen) days to be able to refund the right of Cayma, in such a case of the buyer's 7 (seven) products It is the right to shift, declare and commit to accept the products sent to him due to the right to CLA.

4.26. If the seller is full and / or if it cannot fulfill any liability in this Agreement and / or Annexes, it has the right to demand the compensation of any damage suffered by the EXVATOR. EXVATOR These costs will be able to deduct from the seller.

4.27. The sales on the EXVATOR platform will notify the category and product-based commission rate. The commission rates are applied via the sales prices including VAT. EXVATOR 15 (fifteen) can make changes to the proportions by notifying the day before.


 Exvator can change any substance in this Agreement by declaring any substance through the platform. The changing provisions of this Convention will be valid at the time they are declared, the remaining provisions will continue to give birth to the terms and consequences of the remaining provisions. If it does not accept these changes, the seller has the right to terminate this Agreement without any compensation, provided that 15 (fifteen) days in advance is notified.


6.1. All kinds of financial statements, reports, financial and legal information, brand, membership information, commercial secrets, brand, membership information, commercial glaze or other legal protection, and / or verbally to learn parties and employees during said commercial relationship. All commercial, financial, technical information, customer and market information and other information and data are considered to be "Confidential Information". The information in which the general public and legitimate means without violation of this Agreement is clearly and in writing that the parties are not hidden and written will not be evaluated within the scope of confidential knowledge. The parties can explain this information in accordance with a law or other regulation or an administrative order that has been issued in force. In this case, they will immediately inform each other within 2 (two) business days in this respect. Parties undertake to protect any information and data that can be evaluated within the scope of this Article, not to share directly / indirectly with people, regardless of people, regardless of people.

6.2. The parties are obliged to warn their employees and consultants in the confidentiality of knowledge if they provide this information to their employees and consultants in terms of necessity and the nature of the work. Otherwise, the Parties shall be directly responsible for their employees and consultants contrary to this contractual obligations. This item will continue to be valid between the parties even when the contract period is over.


7.1. The seller can share / transfer / transfer with the adjective via Exvator and / or any personal data in accordance with the exvator, all the actions / transactions for the processing of personal data are always in effect with the relevant laws and regulations that may enter into force with the relevant laws and regulations that may enter into force with the relevant laws and regulations in the future and the protection of personal data. Admissions, declaration and commitment to suit the legislation and changes to them.

7.2. In addition to the obligation to behave in accordance with the legislation, as well as in relation to all kinds of personal data that the seller can process in any way, including recording, storage and maintenance of the Seller Exvator;

             a) To act in accordance with all kinds of personal data and / or relevant legislation in accordance with the provisions of the current legislation and the exvator in accordance with all the instructions of the Exvator, and the data in the event that the aim is eliminated,

             b) Personal data. If you are transferred to people in any way to 3rd people, the 3rd people will be responsible for the same manner in Article 7,

             c) All demands that are directed to the process of processing and / or relating to / or transfer of personal data, all demands, which are directed to himself due to any conflicts of the exvator (including access to their personal data on their personal data, including access to their own personal data) and to inform the Exvator immediately. A transaction if there is no written approval or any written instructions, regarding any requests, including documentation, information and other support to the Exvator and full cooperation with the Exvator, excluding the Liabilities arising from the legislation, except for the liabilities arising from the legislation. not to do,

             d) To prevent other liabilities in this contract and attachment, to prevent personal data from being processed in violation of the legal data, to prevent personal data from being in contrary to the law, in order to ensure that personal data is appropriate to ensure It is agreed, adopted and undertaking all kinds of technical and administrative measures to ensure that the lik d. This item will continue to remain in force even if the contract ends for any reason.


In all cases of legal majeure, the parties will not be responsible for any of the affiliations determined by this Agreement. In force majeure; Delay, incomplete failing, non-failing situations will be considered default or for these situations, the compensation cannot be requested under any nam. The term force majeure; Natural disaster, rebellion, war, strike, cyber attack, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, improvement or renewal activities related to system, and therefore are the reasonable control of the parties, including power failure and poor weather conditions, including the power failure and poor weather conditions. It will be interpreted as an avoidable events that cannot be prevented, although it shows the necessary care.


 Parties always have the right to terminate and terminate this Convention without justification and compensated, provided that 1 (one) month is previously written termination notice. In the case of termination of the Convention, the Privacy and Intellectual Property provisions in this Agreement will maintain the binding.


Seller cannot be transferred to third parties, in no way, without the written permission of the EXVATOR, their interests or obligations arising from this Agreement. The name or transfer process made without the written permission of the Exvator will be invalid.


In the interpretation of this Convention and implementation of the Republic of Turkey will be valid. In the Hall of all kinds of conflicts that may arise from this Agreement, Istanbul Center (Cascade) Courts and Executive Offices are authorized.


The seller is evident in the terms of the exvator's official notebook and commercial records of the exvator in their database, the electronic information and computer records, connectors, precise and exclusive evidence in their database, and the law of the Law Reasoning Law of this Article 193. agree to, declare and commit to the nature of the agreement.


This is a whole with a whole with affixes; The invalidity of any statement in the contract or the Convention shall not affect the effects and validity of the remaining provisions of the Convention.


The seller and DSM will communicate via notifications to be sent by means of the e-mail / registered electronic postal address or physical mail addresses that the Seller reports member of the platform. The mandatory conditions indicated in the law are exceptions and the e-mail submission to the seller's platform is accepted as written communication and will be the obligation to keep the seller's email / registered electronic mail address on a regular basis.


Stamp duty and all taxes due to this contract will be covered by the Parties by the Parties with all taxes.


This affiliation of 16 (sixteen) items and 3 (three) affiliations have been read by the parties, and entered into force on the date of approval by the seller and approved by the vendor to be approved by the seller in wet signature and / or electronic. The inserts constitute an integral part of this Convention.


Annex-1: Current / MP Integration Required Document List

Annex-2: Forbidden Products List

Annex-3: Information and Information Services Elevators and Information Services Inc.





       Annex-1: Current Opening Document List

• Tax Sheet Photocopy

• Company Organization Trade Registration NewspaperFotocopy

• If you are the primary person company of the current activity certificate to be taken from the autograph circular photocopy Trade Registry:

• Partnership Agreement / Population WalletFotocopy

• Activity Certificate

 • Signature Circuits

• Tax sheet

In addition to the documents considered above, the document will be requested and the authority to ultimate the membership acceptance decision will be in the DSM. The seller is obliged to convey the original copy of all the inserts in this Agreement and the original copy of the signature authorities over the platform to the DSM.

Annex-2: Forbidden Products List

Airbags and Equipment

Purchase Satisfactory Products Subject to State Permit Products

Alcoholic Drinks

Firearms and Blades Military Equipment

 Live Animal

Stolen Goods, Serial Number Removal Products

Listening Devices

Stock, Bonds, Bonds Human and Other Live Organs

Leakage and Imports Forbidden Products Copy and Bandroller Products

Culture and Natural Assets

Official Outfits and Official Uniforms

Fake or Replica Products

Chance Games Tickets

Wireless and Communication Devices

 TV Decoders and Encrypted Broadcasting Solvents

Tobacco Products & Electronic Cigarettes

Drugs Products

Product Vasfing Flammable and Explosive Substances Auxiliaries

Web environment attack and program crushing software

miraculous treatment products or services,

fortification and witchcraft and other services

personality rights

public electronic mail addresses and lists

social network and other internet Haltic calculators

Electric skateboard

Other institutions, organization and e-commerce platforms or discount vouchers used in order to interfere with the management prompts of vehicles, and equipment and equipment

Seat belt adapter

Prescription drugs, lenses, all kinds of sexual activities

glasses frame and unlicensed food supplements

Prohibited Animal Types Promotional Products

Materials with Pornographic Radar Detectors

Monkey and lock openers



Annex-3: Financial Conditions

Service Commission: The service commission will be applied to the commercial relationship between the Parties is the announced rates via the platform.

The seller is to give KA rgo to the buyer to be delivered to the Buyer as long as the force majeure is not stated. If the seller has not delivered if they cannot deliver the products, it will be able to deliver the penal amounts specified in the table below (defective, defective, damaged, missing and so on) as required by the required table (defective, defective, damaged, missing and similar). DSM This item has the right to deduct the Seller's amount to take any agreed.


         Product Cost Gift

       per item Gift Attachment

     under 500TL

500TL and above 1000TL and above



5% of the product price

        Without any limit, including "shipping free" campaigns to be determined by the DSM, the seller is responsible for all shipping costs to the buyer and returned from the Return. The following costs he pays to the DSM cargo companies have the right to deduction to the seller by billing the seller.


Payment due and Conditions: Following the delivery to the buyer, such as full and requirement, it will be paid by DSM to the seller on the first payment day of the DSM following the DSM announced from the Platform. The DSM, the invoices will organize are the right to netting the seller's current account on the current account and the current debt balance. Despite the payment by DSM, if returned by the product / service is returned by the receiver, the seller will refund the amount that is collected immediately, otherwise you will be able to deduct any of the cari.

The Banks and payment institution will not be a question of DSM from the service interruptions from the seller.

Other Conditions:

• The seller is accepted, declared and undertakes that the products and / or services offered by the platform are purchased by the recipients of the DSM to be delivered to the DSM to the agreed cargo company within the time of the DSM. After the following, the returns of the recipients are with other cargo company, the seller does not have the right of any objection and / or DEF.

• If the seller products will be the zayi and / or if damage to the product will occur during cargo, it will be the cargo company that it will be the corresponding to any rights, receivable and / or requests, regardless of the DSM, where it is under DSM. acceptance, declaration and commitment. The seller is also valid for cargo companies working via DSM on DSM, in this context, the DSM has no obligation to agree that the only one will be the cargo company that it will be the cargo company.

• If done by the logistics company to be reported by the DSM of the products of the products; During the transport of the products during the transport and / or if damage is damaged in the product, it will be the logistics company of the only counterparts to be the logistics company, and the harm is to agree with the logistics company for the loss by the logistics company, and if the product is prove to be proved by liquid evidence. In such a case, it can disconnect the damage invoice during transport to the DSM and that the DSM can pay for the logistics company, the DSM is accepted, declared and undertakes that the DSM has not been responsible for the external. The seller can return this invoice to the DSM in case the DSM can return this bill to the seller within 10 (ten) working days, if the seller is invoiced to DSM during transportation with the logistics company.


It has the right to not do, accepts, declared and commits to the DSM that no demand to the DSM will not suggest. The damage to the damage to the damage to the damage to the dsm in the process of damage to the damage to the damage to the damage is that the damage procedure will be valid for the DSM in the process of damage to the DSM and is committed to accept that the compensation process will be operated in line with the conditions determined by the logistics company.

• If the Seller has not delivered the product to the cargo company within the time that the DSM is not delivered to the cargo company in the period if they announce / report the DSM in any time.

    Delayed day

1 or 2 days 3 or 4 days 5 days

The amount of criminal condition

5 TL 10 TL 15 TL

• The seller has an obligation to cancel the order through platfrom if it does not ship the product in the event agreed in this Annex-3 Financial Conditions. If the seller does not fulfill this obligation and does not cancel anyone (five) days from the agreed day, the DSM immediately is not immediately required by any notifications to the Seller Name and the account by canceling the seller to the seller's nam and his / her / $ 50 TL per product as claimed as the criminal requirement. has the right to do it. In addition to the criminal conditions, the seller is obliged to compensate all damages that DSM will be under this scope. If the above-mentioned product cannot ship the product in the cargo, it has the right to claim the criminal condition for the calculated per product according to the table above. DSM also has the right to deduction of this criminal condition of criminal conditions as the seller will receive any.

• If the seller is owed to DSM for any reason in the current account, the DSM is the authority that the Seller is primarily authorized to deduct to other debts. If the seller transforms the Current Account to DSM to DSM, the DSM will pay the DSM to the following bank account within 7 (seven days) as of the declaration of the DSM.

• The maturity difference and cargo bill will be cut to the buyer by the DSM and the service commission and criminal conditions will be invoiced by DSM.


Annex-4: Information and Comicatname

DSM Group Consulting Communication and Sales Trade Inc. ("DSM") as personal data privacy is one of our most important priorities. In this context, we would like to inform you of the Law ("Law") associated with the Law No. 6698 organized in order to protect the basic rights and freedoms of people and maintain personal data. The signature authorities of the signing of this Convention are processed by DSM.

Lighting Liability: It acts as DSM data responsible within the scope of the law. DSM with the adjective of data in charge; The authorized representatives of your personal and financial information or organization will record the information about their managers, auditors, to the management of the Board of Directors, and to keep the services that we offer to your side, will be able to share, classify and classify, to be able to share in and out of and out of the country in situations where the legislation permits. will be able to process as indicated as well.

Method of gathering personal data: Your personal data; It can be collected in written, verbally or electronic media through the platform.

Processing Objectives and Legal Causes of Personal Data: Control of Contract Controls The Control of Signature Authorities could be carried out for the purpose of fulfilling the liabilities arising from legislation, to be able to be fulfilled, commercial activities and services to be developed.

Person / Organizations that the personal data processed by DSM can be transferred to: Our business partners with our suppliers, which offer all kinds of services to carry out all our services, services and activities to carry out our services, services and activities of our legislation.

The Rights of our customers within the framework of Article 11 of the Law: applying to DSM; a) Learning whether your personal data is processed, b) Request information if your personal data is processed, C) Learning whether your personal data is used in accordance with the purpose and purpose of your personal data is to know that your personal data is executed in the country / abroad, D) are missing your personal data Requesting the correction of your personal data within the framework of the requirements of the Conditions in Article 7 of the Law, in the framework of the Predicted Terms, f) Requesting the transactions to the 3rd people of your personal data are referred to (d) and (e), in accordance with the Benges, g) Due to analyzing your personal data with exclusively automatic systems, and ğ) you have the right to demand the removal of the damage to your personal data in violation of your personal data in contradiction of your personal data. This Information Writing and Comicatname is an attachment of the Seller Business Partnership and the Advertising Agreement, which has signed with DSM.

Within the framework of the remarks above, we agree to share these systems by provider and business partners due to the law of the DSM in accordance with the protection of personal data numbered 6698 and in accordance with the provisions of other legislation.





The General Processing Conditions in the Seller Business Partnership and the Advertising Agreement were examined in detail by us, our lawyers were examined and negotiated to our A / Consultants. In particular, we have been informed about the General Processing Terms in the Agreement, which examined their meaning with the details of the results in our technical issues, we have evaluated with special people in the field of technical issues. Within the framework of these provisions, I agree to sign the contract with your company and the implementation of the contract provisions to the entire side.


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