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Control Board Auxiliary Parts

Brand: Arkel Model: 1001815
Drive Type Compatibility Single Speed Double Speed All Systems With Speed Control Asynchronous Machines   Energy Use Provides Energy from 5 Maintenance-Free Batteries. With Intelligent Battery Charging System, Batteries Provide Years of Service Language options Turkish and English   Co..
Brand: Arkel Model: 1001270
Used with elevator control cards Works in harmony with all three-phase, single-phase and electronically controlled doors Door opening input (photocell, door opening button, jamming contact), door closing input and door opening-closing limit contact inputs are available. With 2 adjustment pots on ..
Brand: Arkel Model: 1001825
Speed Regulator Locking Coil Voltage 12 Vdc or 24 Vdc. It is sufficient to connect the supply and battery in accordance with the coil voltage.   Maximum Coil Current 6A Normal Feeding For 12Vdc Coil: 11-14 Vdc For 24Vdc Coil: 20-27 Vdc   Battery Supply For 12Vdc Coil: 12 Vdc/1.2 Ah Fo..
Brand: Arkel Model: 1001337
Serial cabinet installation card supporting up to 24 stops designed for ARL-300 control system Communication via 2 wires It can be used for external records in the control panel and internal records in the revision box. Ability to select as internal or external recording tip with the jumper on it..
Brand: Arkel Model: 1001336
It communicates with ARL-200 and ARL-300 control card over 2 cables When used with ARL-300 control card, it can program A, B, C, ... digital outputs on the card: 7-segment, Gray code, inverted Gray code, Binary code and inverted Binary code. It saves the installation to be taken from the panel to ..
Brand: Arkel Model: 1002712
It is a voice announcement and music system for elevators. It can play music and announcement files uploaded to SD card in mp3 format. It does not require any special programming software to be installed on the computer. To customize it, it is sufficient to copy the music and audio files to the c..
Brand: Arkel Model: 1001327
It converts the counter code information to binary and gray code...
Brand: Arkel Model: 1001324
Phase sequence control Adjusted phase voltage control PTC control warning leds..
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