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About Us

Our founding purpose...



Exvator Inc. Users who trade in the Elevator Industry and receive elevator service; To ensure that they reach the best quality in the most affordable and fastest way,


To eliminate the problems and grievances experienced in the sector,


To ensure a strong merger by keeping the sector together,





Our founding story...



With the unique experiences we have gained in line with the great difficulties we have experienced in more than 10 years and what we have learned from the sincere sharing of the industry veterans; We noticed the inefficiency in the services received and provided. We have seen the grievances of manufacturers, elevator markets, elevator assembly companies and citizens receiving elevator service. With the feedback we received, Exvator A.Ş. to bring a definitive solution to this and many similar problems and to bring the sector to better conditions by opening it to the whole world. we established.




Our sense of duty and responsibility...




When we question our duties and responsibilities in the society, and when we make an effort to fulfill what we lack, starting from tomorrow; We are sure that the world will be hundreds of times more livable. In our world, the concept of a highly developed or underdeveloped country is equal to the number of people who can make this inquiry.




"The one who loves his country the most, does his duty best" M. Kemal Atatürk




By spreading this awareness all around us; We will continue to work with an innovative energy without losing our values, without losing our essence and without being indebted to future generations.




What are we doing?



- We develop strong and easily accessible procurement methods by keeping manufacturers together.




- We help manufacturers and elevator material suppliers to expand their business by making them known all over the world.




- We enable Elevator Assembly companies to easily access their supply products in the most economical way, to procure them quickly and to control their instant costs in a constantly changing market conditions.




- We increase the awareness of elevator assembly companies in finding new customers.




- We help users who receive elevator service to receive safe and trouble-free service by sharing our experience.




- Most importantly, we spend all our energies concentrating and working on the idea of ​​what should be done to move the sector forward.




Our Mission ;



We are working to ensure that all the actors in the Elevator and Elevator industry, which is one of the greatest necessities of our lives, can handle all their transactions with great convenience without experiencing any grievances.




Our vision ;



To ensure that the elevator industry and its employees reach the position they deserve in the world.


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